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How To Choose Backpacks

Posted on by Amir Adjadj 0 comments

The wrong backpack means you’re stuck with an uncomfortable, awkward bag, all day. A few simple choices will make sure you choose the best in comfort, style, and convenience. I’ve found some common ground through my many, many backpacks that can help you choose yours. Here are tips on how to choose the perfect backpack:

Straps Comfort 101

Have you ever worn a backpack that sagged on your back and just didn’t rest nicely like you wanted it to? Padding can help, but bags often sag because of how their straps are sewn onto the bag. Adjustable straps can help here, but you also need to pay attention to how the bag was built.

Most backpacks have adjustable straps, and you shouldn’t buy one that doesn’t. Unfortunately, those straps loosen with use and you’ll have to readjust them regularly. To make sure you get it right every time, mark the straps where they’re most comfortable. Fill it up your usual carry, put it on your back, and then adjust the straps to a place where you feel comfortable walking around. Before taking the bag off, mark the location of the straps with a marker or, if you dare, cut a small notch in the side. (See below for an example.) I like the notch better because you can’t see it easily and therefore won’t harm the look of the bag, plus you can feel exactly where to adjust the straps. That’ll save you some neck strain. As you carry your bag around, you can mitigate some slack by carrying your backpack short distances by its top handle, and you should definitely buy a backpack with a top handle.

Consider The Colour or Go For Black

Backpacks mostly come in black, but you’ll still find plenty in a variety of ugly and beautiful colours alike. Even a puke-green rucksack can work for you if it suits your style. When choosing the right colour, do yourself a favor by focusing on how it matches the way you dress rather than whether or not it looks good alone. Backpacks can occupy anywhere from about 20-50% of the visual space your body fills (rough estimate obviously, not statistics) depending on your size, so if you throw that puke-green rucksack against your black business suit or dress, it’ll probably stand out, and maybe not in the way you intended.

Know Your Storage Scheme

A traditional backpack has a front pocket for quick access and then just a giant empty space for whatever you want to do with it. For some people that’s fine, but most of us prefer a little more organization. Before you choose a bag with helpful storage slots and pockets though, you need to understand what works best for you.

For example, lots of tiny pockets may sound great, but for me at least, very little that I’d actually carry around fits into them well. I also don’t carry 20 pens so I don’t need a bunch of pen slots. I like spaces for things like hard drives, external batteries, notepads, note cards, business cards, and things like that. As a result, I have a highly variant storage scheme. I need pockets and spaces of all shapes and sizes—plus a couple of slots for a pen.

Never Neglect Quick Access Pockets

love quick access pockets (QAPs). Who wouldn’t? When you need something and it’s just a quick zip away, that’s always better than digging through deep pockets to find what you’re looking for. Too many small pockets cause their own problems, but you’ll rarely find a bag with too few fast methods for getting your favorite stuff.


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