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At Lavenu, we've decided to do our bit to change the world. Every sale made, we'll donate 5% towards providing flip flops to children in need across the world. We're teaming up with charities such as Save The Children, Kids In Need and smaller groups around the world to help plan and provide good quality flip flops to children.

According to US-based ‘The Shoe That Grows’, more than 200 million children severely suffer from soil-transmitted diseases worldwide. Children often miss school due to illnesses that can easily be avoided. Flip flops may seem like a small thing but they make a huge difference in the health and well-being of a child. 


To get good-quality flip flops, we purchase them in bulk, then ship them to different locations, mainly Africa, so that children can receive a pair as soon as possible and be able to go to school and play without the worry of getting sick or injured. 

We're a small company and yet we do our best to help. Our dream would be to get these 200 million kids a pair of flip flop so that we can change their future for the better so please help us help them.